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KYC Policies

What is KYC (Know Your Customer)?

At Heatz, we want to ensure that all activity on the site is safe and secure, not linked to any criminal activity or underage gambling, and that it complies with our regulatory requirements.

Hence, as part of the steps we take to achieve this goal, we may ask players to confirm their identity, location, and at times, also ownership of the payment methods used in their gaming account.

This verification process is known as Know Your Customer (KYC), and it will be initiated for a number of reasons. The process is quick and simple and is typically resolved in a very short time.

Why am I being asked to send KYC documentation?

In order to comply with our gaming license and guarantee a safe and secure environment, we have to verify your identity.

There are several instances in which you will be required to submit KYC documentation so that you can continue using your gaming account. Some of them includes verifying that you are not under the age of 18, that the personal details in your gaming account match the details on your ID and current address, among other reasons.

A proof of the payment method used in your account will also be required when you have reached a total of €2.000 in one-time or cumulative deposits or withdrawals.

We may also request KYC documentation when there is a withdrawal request and no deposits in the gaming account.

What documents do I need to send?

When prompted to upload your KYC documentation, please first keep in mind that the picture(s) you send must meet certain quality requirements in order to qualify for KYC verification. The picture must:

– show the full document (all four corners visible)

– be in color (we do not accept pictures of copies)

– be clear enough to show all details of the document (no blurry pictures)

– be current (not expired)

Pictures that fail to meet these initial quality requirements may be refused to validate your KYC status. Taking that into account, the following documents will be requested in order to properly verify your account:

1) Personal identification: a picture of a photographic identification document, such as a Passport, National ID Card, or Driving License, all current (not expired).

2) Proof of address: a document clearly stating your current address with an issue date no longer than 3 months old. This can be a Utility Bill, Bank Statement or an official document from the government. The full name, address and issue date must be clearly visible.

3) Proof of deposit: Additionally, you may be asked to provide a picture proving your ownership of all the payment methods used in the gaming account, which may include:

4) Credit Card copies (Front and Back): The front copy must only show the first six and last four digits in the card number. You may cover the other digits. We should be able to see your full name and expiry date. For the back copy, please also cover the CVC/CVV code on the back of the card. The card must be signed.

5) e-Wallet screenshot: Your name and details must be visible on the screenshot, as well as the e-Wallet logo.

6) Bank Statement: An official document by your bank for your bank account used for deposits and withdrawals. It can be a picture of a printed statement or a screenshot of an online statement.

All KYC material must be sent to

What happens when I have sent the required documents?

Once Heatz have received the required documents in good quality our KYC team verifies your identity and e.g., give you access to withdrawals from your account or reopen your account.

What do I if the submitted KYC documents were rejected?

Some of the reasons that may cause for the documents uploaded to fail verification include:

– the picture is cropped or too blurry to make out the details

– the picture is illegible for any other reason

– the document is expired

– the document is in somebody else’s name

– the picture uploaded does not pertain to the field it has been uploaded to (e.g. uploading a utility bill in the Personal ID field or vice versa)

– the picture is in black and white/copy of a copy (instead of a picture of the original)

– the picture is unrelated to what is being requested

Please ensure the picture quality requirements are met prior to uploading your documentation, to avoid being asked to upload your documentation again and repeat the process.